Paper structure workshop in crabstudio

These workshops took me five days in a crab studio. Sian let me read a quote from Gaston Bachelard or Susan Stewart, to create the old-style Japanese structure called
The first two days of the workshop I struggled with creating paper structure I was confused with forming the paper structure, so I started a neutral structure by starting from rectangle shape.
Finally, I am satisfied with the outcome because I found the technique and I could cope with the problematic situation.
This workshop was the early stage of myself studying in the AUB, as I am an Asian student who is used to study passively. The first day of the workshop was not familiar with me much. Sian let us watch the video of her recent class. She showed students’ works and let us do by ourselves.
I was confused, but I have seen other students could get through this so instead of sitting and let time flew. I drew the easy pattern started from sketching a rectangle on paper.
The next day, I tried to make the prototype of the structure. My prototype was proper, so I started to create the first structure from another paper which was thicker, so it was able to stand by itself.
I knew that I was not a person who could create the complex formation after the third day of the workshop. I got a new quote from the class. I researched for the pattern of a coffin which suited for the original quote that I got. The new quote was concerning the house but remind me of the next life.
I sketched and prepared some drawing at my house. I went to the workshop with confident.
The last day of the workshop, my perspective with myself, the class and teaching technique changed my point of view much.
1. I learned how to visualise from quote to drawing and creating paper form.
2. Learning sometimes comes from what you are doing not only from the lecturer.
3. I learned how to cope with the unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.
Problem / solving problems
Since I joined the workshop, I felt that I was not confident much. However, when I started a rough sketch and started to touch paper and learned what material which suited for my structure.
1. I knew that I could not create a complex structure, so I started from the rectangular shape and gradually added more forms. I cut and folded to test before I made a real one.
2. If you cannot create the structure, use the pattern. I used the model of the coffin which I download from the internet. At least, it could help you save time so you could focus on the other tasks.
3. Learned from the mistake and immediately repaired or fix it. Don’t let time flies.
These are what I have learned from the workshop. I am proud of myself, and I have more confidence in myself much more.
Importantly, all the students’ works in this workshop were brought to be shown in Venice Biennale 2018. I was so proud to be part of the show.
The house with a stair on the roof is from the quote
 “Then there are stairways…we always go down the one that lead to the cellar…But we go up and down the stairway that leads to the bed- chamber”
I created the house on the first day that I join the workshop. I read the quote and I thought about the house which has a stair on the roof and connects to the sky. I imagined this house located on the empty space, standing alone. At that time, I thought that I would like it to look more creepy because I felt that if this house was being abandoned, it should look like a haunted house. So I created a fine line to decorate this house.  As you can see, one side of the house has a haunted face which I represent a soul or a spirit which lives in that house.
The coffin is from the quote
“An entire past comes to dwell in a new house”
The first time when I read this quote, I did not understand much so I asked Sian to explain it more clearly, and I repetitively read this quote, try to understand it. When talking about a new house, I think about a new body in terms of religiousness.
In Buddhism, we believe that the body is the house so when the soul left the body, the body will spoil and the soul will find the new body to live in. It is the Buddhism believing life circulation (Born, getting older, being ill then die and start to born again).
Heart – represent the soul
Coffin – represent body (new house)
Paper with swirl line art – represent the river
(which can take a coffin to a new place).