Life drawing 2019 – Creating Narratives II

Since I joined the Life drawing Master class in this term. It is getting harder for me to draw. At this time,

I drew not only a model but also the props. The first session, Sharon let us draw only a model like a warm-up session. I think I could sketch in this session but it did not good much because I was weak in drawing a male figure. Sharon gave around 3-9 minutes for warm-up sketching. I knew that I drew quite slow so that my sketch and my drawing did not good much. I think that I should practice more in drawing the male figure.

The second session, Sharon gave us the which does have a square crop hole on the paper. She let us look through the hole to see the crop area of the model and scene. When I looked through the hole, it made me easy to see the crop area among model and props. Then I walked around the model, sketch and then select one sketch to draw.

I chose to draw the model with the props, the whole scene but I only colouring the model and leave the others.
I would like to emphasise the model.

Things that I have learned :

This is the master class drawing so that it is getting harder and more focus on the story more than the actual model. It focuses on context and storytelling which I was weak in. Normally, I draw the whole picture. I do not crop and only focus on some area. This workshop let me find out the crop area and the view which I could draw.