Life drawing 2019 – Anatomy II

This class was about the anatomy of the human body which I was weak in. I cam to the afternoon class, this session focus on the body part. The last time that I joined Sharon’s drawing class, focusing on head, hand and foot. This time, I chose to focus on hand and foot. I still felt that head part was too hard for me to finish in the class.
Hand drawing.
I started to draw hand, this workshop let me focus on the body part so that I have proper time to draw and take a look around in hand drawing. Then, Sharon adviced me to look at the hand carefully. She pointed to model’s hand and teach me the hand structure. Sharon convinced me to look more closely at the model’s hand.
So I stopped drawing the hand and I started to draw a new hand from Sharon’s advice. I thought it looked better than the first hand that I drew. The scale and proportion are better.
Foot drawing.
Since finished the hand drawing, I started to draw a foot. I chose the foot which position pointed to me because I would like to challenge myself to draw in the angle that I had never tried before, and I found it was so hard to handle it. The foot looked wide and incorrect proportion. So I drew a new foot and tried to look closely and draw. I thought the outcome looked better than the first one.