How to help your kids do art

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

Art lets your kids express themselves, and learn about their world. Also, help them to develop social skills and problem-solving skills.

How to help your kids do art even if they are not that good.

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Childhood is a time for exploration. Your child’s imagination is boundless, and they’re eager to try new things. One of the best ways to foster creativity is to let them explore art by themselves . Art lets them express themselves, learn about their world, and explore the creative process. It also helps them develop social skills and problem-solving skills.

But what if your child isn’t that good at art?

Don’t worry! This article will teach you how to help them develop their own style and be the artist they want to be. So go grab some paints and paper right now! The following steps will show you how to build confidence in your child through art.

Children are naturally creative

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

Children are naturally creative. They love to explore and create, but they might not be the best at art yet. It’s okay if your child doesn’t have a natural artistic talent! Art is about exploration.

It will help your child develop their creativity, learn how to express themselves, and discover new techniques. You don’t need to be an artist yourself in order to teach them art.

Here are the ways you can encourage their artistic growth

Get them started with drawing

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

Drawing is a great starter skill for children because it lets them explore lines and shapes without worrying too much about form or color. then encourage them to explore their creativity by drawing anything that comes to mind!

It might take some time for your child to get the hang of drawing, but they should eventually end up with something they’re proud of ! , you can guide them gently as they learn the basics of perspective and shape.

After teaching your child , ask them what they would like to draw next. Why they like that particular subject. You can also use their ideas for inspiration when working on projects together!

Play with colors

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

Children’s art is often colorful and vibrant. Bold colors are easier for kids to use because they don’t have to worry about blending the colors together. This can be a great way to get your child started.

However, it’s important not to let them stick with just one color palette. Encourage exploration by introducing your child to different colors, and encouraging them to mix colors together.

Introducing variety will encourage creativity and help your child explore different mediums and techniques.

Use different techniques

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

One way to help your child develop their own style is to use different techniques with them.

For example, if they like painting but not drawing, provide them with paint-by-number kits or make it easier for them by using markers instead of pencils.

Let your child tries on different media. Consider expanding your repertoire with sculpting clay, pencils, coloring books, and more. No matter what the medium is, the important thing is that you’re providing your child with a variety of art supplies so they can figure out what they like best.

Keep at it!

art for kids,เรียนศิลปะ

The first thing parents can do to help their children develop confidence in their art is to make sure they keep at it.

It takes time to get good at anything, and art is no different. Your child may not be very good right now, but if you encourage them by letting them keep practicing, they’ll start getting better.

Another suggestion? Try making art together! You can help your child learn how to use paints or clay by participating in the process with them. If you’re both having fun, it will make it easier for your child to feel confident about what they’re doing.

Illustration by Matapitou


Art is fun, and it’s never too early to get started. By encouraging your child to do art, you are giving them the opportunity to explore their creative side. And by doing this, you are giving them the opportunity to find out what they are passionate about. So get them started with drawing, use different techniques and keep at it!


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