teaching art to children From the ages of 7 to 12, focusing on fine motor skill developement, observation, creativity and imagination.

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art studio in Dusit, BKK

Art Studio for kids,
focusing on creativity

Matapitou Studio was inspired by the interviews of a British illustrator who has experienced teaching children who often find that children will feel insecure when they can’t draw like what they have seen. Literally, children should enjoy learning with fun.
Also, based on my personal experiences, I have faced this type of issue repeatedly. I want to do a course that focuses on creativity to build students’ confidence.


The Class fit for…

Art class suits for children who are interested in drawing and painting, if the parents want their child to improving fine motor skill, observation, problem solving skill.  Art classes can help and shape your child.


What we focus

Matapitou Studio focus on creativity. Allowing students to experience a variety of materials to perceive and expand their imagination.

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1 student 450 BHT | 2 students 855 BHT